Wedding Scrapbook

scrapbookA wedding ceremony can be one of the most beautiful days of your life and what better way to capture that than to create a scrapbook that collects some of the most precious details of your big day?

The first thing you will want to think about is the cover of the album. Will your feature a picture of the bridal shower, honeymoon or of the actual ceremony? You will also want to take in account the color scheme you will want to display on your photo album. Will it be all white or will it feature your wedding colors? A very popular decision is to select the wedding colors because most of the photos and items in the scrapbook will feature your wedding colors. Continue reading →

Wedding Photos

A wedding photographer is typically the first thing couples select when it comes to a wedding. It makes sense because this will be the person that captures every moment of one of the most important days of your life. Some people decide to hire a professional while others choose a family member or a friend. Remember these photos will be with you forever, so choose someone that has the background experience you desire.  There are a lot of people that provide photos as a hobby be sure you know what you are getting into before you hand over your hard earned money. Continue reading →

Wedding Dresses

wedding photoChoosing the perfect wedding dress for that magical day is one of the most important decisions you will make early on in life. We know it isn’t an easy decision, that’s why we’ll be right by your side every step of the way from selecting the perfect shade of white to the length and decide whether to wear sleeves or go sleeveless. One of the most important factors is budget. We will always stay within budget and will never show you a dress that is out of your price range. Other vendors do this and we believe it should never be done. The perfect dress will be found no matter the price.  Here are a few factors we always keep in mind when selecting a wedding dress for a soon to be bride. Continue reading →

Confessions Of A Wedding Planner

Suzann Strausman talks about how to become a wedding planner

Suzann Strausman talks about how to become a wedding planner

Females from very young start dreaming about their wedding day. Some like Suzann Strausman as a girl took it so far that she didn’t simply play house but instead played wedding whenever she got the chance. At the tender age of 6 she had the honor of being the flower girl at her aunt’s wedding and she was super excited an ensured she practiced for weeks to ensure she would do a good job at tossing flower petals. She ended up doing a great job and after the wedding her aunt gave her her veil. Many make believe weddings later Strausman and her friends had worn out the veil as they walked down the aisle.

As she grew up her love for weddings never waned and she started acting them out more and subscribed to wedding magazines and wondered how she could become a wedding planner for real. After high school she had the opportunity of a lifetime with a summer internship with a wedding planner from Los Angeles CA who planned celebrity weddings. She loved her internship – everything about it.

She went on to study Hospitality and Tourism Management at the Grand Valley State University and the wedding planner she had interned with hired her as an assistant. She stayed in this position for two years and then she branched out on her own. Working on her own she has been able to make more money… how so?

First she gets her flat fee from the bride and groom and then she makes some extra money from all the discounts she gets from her vendors that she rarely if ever passes down to her clients. Since she more often than not uses the same vendors they are always willing to negotiate their prices and offer a discount.

She notes that while there is never a perfect wedding there is no need to let the bride and groom know exactly what is going on all the time. She notes that every wedding can be successful if you don’t give the bride too many options. The key is getting to know them well enough to have a very good idea of what she wants.

She notes that brides should never leave their grooms alone with a wedding planner as grooms often want to ask for that last fling

She notes that brides should never leave their grooms alone with a wedding planner as grooms often want to ask for that last fling. This is not advice that she gives her brides as she doesn’t want to cause any unnecessary tension, but she notes that the guys think having their one last fling with the wedding planner would be very hot. Needless to say, she keeps her distance from the frisky Groom as she does not want to ruin her reputation and business.

Strausman notes that it is so easy to get close to brides especially when you sometimes get to work with them for up to a year. She even gets invited to the bachelorette parties. And it was through these types of interactions that she was able to meet her fiancé. She will be marrying one of her bride’s brothers who asked her to dance at the wedding she had planned.

Strausman notes that she doesn’t think she will do the whole wedding thing for herself as it will be like getting married at work and she does not want to do that.

If you are wondering how you can become a wedding planner, have a look at Suzann’s website for her opinion based on years of expirience.